Planning Your Kitchen Interior

Have you ever looked at the interior of the average kitchen? It probably looks like madness personified, particularly to a person who is new to the kitchen. Each restaurant has a kitchen that is often rather small and cramped, due to the multiple pieces of equipment inside. As a result, each often comes up with their own unique methods of cooking.

To avoid confusion, it is important to come up with a series of stations that help streamline the approach. A kitchen “station” is an area that is used for a specific purpose. For example, one area could be used for chopping while another could be used for preparing salads. Often, industrial refrigeration systems will take up a lot of this area, though they are necessary for a successful kitchen.

So how should these areas be arranged? They need to follow a simple format that is logical and which makes sense for your employees. For example, a burger restaurant could have a station for preparing the meat, another for cooking it, and one for placing it on the buns and adding the condiments. This assembly-line style approach makes it easier to prepare food and streamlines the process.