How to choose the perfect drone

There is nothing as exciting as flying your own drone. The thought of buying a new drone as exciting but the question remains, what type of drone should you get?  This is one tough decision to make, but still worth it in the end. Scientists have advanced these little technological miracles to let you survey the environment from a higher level, while taking pictures and videos at the same time. You can also find drones with less advanced camera features but more advanced systems made for racing.  Most racing drones come in parts that have to be assembled. The more expensive a drone is , the better the quality.

When you have considered whet kind of drone you like, the purpose, quality and price you can go ahead and take a look at these features below.

The battery life

Just like any other machine, the battery in a drone will drain when you use it. Some of the best models can take up to 30 min in the air. Some companies offer extra batteries on the drone at a charge.  If you can’t afford a high quality drone with the best batteries, at least purchase an extra battery for your drone.

Some brushless motors

Brushless motors offer a more quiet flying experience and a longer lifespan as compared to brushed one. The issue is they cost more, which is a win if you ask me.

A GPS system

Models with an integrated GPS system are good quality drones. They let you know their precise location at a given time. This will help you find a lost, powered out drone. It comes with a return to home feature that directs the drone back to you.

Quality camera

If you are planning on using the drone for business purposes, you have to look at the quality of the camera. You want to take home a drone with high quality camera that will give you some quality pictures and high definition videos. If you already own one, you can buy a drone with the option to attach your own.

The headless mode

This is a very important feature for beginners. Some developers offer a mode that directs the drone relative to your distance when you press the controller. This is the perfect mode for training.

Look for a ‘follow me mode’

This is found in most drones that have a GPS System. This ode will let you fly and track your drone across the ground or the ocean. This means you don’t have to carry the drone, it will tag along following your footsteps.

The gimbal

The integrated gimbal keeps your camera steady while you fly the drone. Drones with this feature are more expensive but they will keep you camera steady in high altitudes and strong winds. Only bigger drones have this feature.

The obstacle avoidance feature and range

This premium feature is expensive but will save you from using more money than you need to. It will protect your drone from crashing into a tree and other obstacles. The range will alert you when you are too far from the drone and about to lose control. A drone with high range is more expensive compared to the others.