Everything you need to know about drones

When you are thinking about buying a drone, having some information about them is a good way to start. Drones have been around for quite some time and they are growing more and more popular. Over the years, manufacturers have created more developed drone versions which have made them more expensive and even more fun. If you have never flown a drone before, you don’t have to worry, there are cheaper drones made specifically for beginners to teach them how to fly. There are several reasons you can won a drone, it can be for technical, business and recreational purposes.

You will be required to follow some basic rules and regulations regardless of the type of drone you get. Given it is above the minimal weight limit, you should register your drone and get an identification that must be indicated every time you fly it.

Not all drones are ready to fly

Before you decide on the manufacturer or the design, you should be aware that not all drones will fly right away. When looking at different varieties, you will see some common acronyms which are; BNF, RTF and ARF.

The ready to fly models (RTF) are generally drones that will not require any set up or assembly. Before you take this quadcopter for a flight, you will need to charge up the battery and do some simple installations of the propeller and bind controller.

The bind and fly (BNF) models are different. They are completely assembled while in the package. These models do not have a controller. You will have to buy a compatible controller for this quadcopter that is sold separately.  Keep in mind that the transmitter and controller can be on the same frequency but that won’t guarantee them to work. With this new tech, they have to use a similar manufacture protocol in order to synchronise.

The almost ready to fly (ARF) drones are more like kits. Like the BNF, they don’t have a transmitter but they also lack a receiver. Some ARF may require a partial assembly.  Some manufacturers may leave out motors, flight controller and batteries in the kit. Always read the description of the kt before you make a purchase.

How hard is it to fly a drone?

Most manufactures have flying directions or instructions that come with the drone. Once you learn all the remote control and stick movements, you can start to practice. The controls on different drones are almost similar, so you don’t have to learn a different technique every time you purchase a new drone.  

What is the main difference between a camera drone and a toy drone?

The difference between a toy drone and a camera drone is; a toy/racing drone will need continuous input if you want to keep them in the air but a camera drone has the ability to hover around in one spot. The camera drone can hover in that area until the batteries die. Flying a camera phone is quite easy when compared to the other drone; you don’t need all the speed and agility required for a racing or toy drone.