How to maintain and care for your drone

Buying a drone is not an everyday investment. Although they are fun, these machines can be really expensive. This makes it very important and necessary to take care of the drones we buy and ensure they are always in good condition. Maintaining the drone will take time, energy and will sometimes need your finances. You will need to focus your attention on the motors, propellers, camera, remote controller, gimbal, batters and all the other drone parts.  While people may think maintaining the drone is very stressful, getting finances to buy a new one is worse. You want to ensure the service you get from the drone is worth the money before thinking about replacing it with a new one.

One main thing that leads to crashes and destructions is in-flight problems. You can crash your drone when it is a couple of miles in the air and far away from takeoff positions. Always ensure you perform cautionary procedures before you fly the drone. Simple things like checking for damages, checking on the connection of the controller and the batteries can save you a lot. Ensure the GPS is always calibrated just in case you lose your drone mid-flight.

Charging your batteries is important if you want to have maximum flying time. Taking care of these batteries is also important. One common mistake for drone owners is overcharging the batteries. This has the potential to reduce its lifespan. The most basic rules about taking care of the battery include; allowing it to cool off before recharging, avoid a complete drain during the flight, remove the battery when the drone is not in use and finally store them in a cool dry place.

After every flight, ensure you check on the motors and propellers. As often as you can, ensure you lubricate the motors for a maximum performance during flight. Specialists recommend once or twice a month. If you can, get propeller guards to protect the motors and propellers in case of any crashes during the flight.

Don’t forget to check for software updates from the manufacturers.  Most people think updates are unimportant, especially when they have had zero trouble with the drone. The truth is, they fight buys and keep the performance top notch. Updates will prevent your drones form unexpected technical malfunctions.

Cleaning the drone is important. Most people just pick up the drone after a flight and store it away. This may have a negative effect when you try to fly it later. Ensure you pick up any debris and dirt build up in the sensitive areas of the drone. The gimbal, camera and motor will need some cleaning to keep the dirt from sticking. You can buy a convenient drone cleaning kit with soft brushes, pipe cleaners and compresses air to maintain the integrity and value of your drone. Finally, ensure you keep a flight log for each drone you own. Keeping track of the battery usage and charges, the flight hours and crashes is very important in the maintenance of the drone. This will help you improve the flight, cleaning and overall maintenance of the machine.