Major drone crash disasters and how to avoid them

Just like road accidents, some drone accidents are very hard to avoid. With the increasing number of crone consumer populations, has come the increase of reported accidents.  The issue with drones is that you can crash into almost anything, which makes it unsafe for both users and pedestrians. Drone crashes can cost you a lot, especially when it leads to injuries or destruction of property. the blame always ends up on you, even when you didn’t intentionally cause the accidents. This does not mean you should keep your drones indoors, they were meant to fly. There are a number of precautions you can take to keep you, your drone, other people and their properties safe.

Take a look at these common accidents and how you can prevent them

Crashing on your first try

Most beginners tend to crash the drone even before full lift off.  Before you start training, ensure you read all the guidelines and master all the instructions concerned with flying the drone. Even before that, you should hang out with professional or experienced flyers and give yourself time to learn before you start doing it on your own. Use your flight simulator to practice and when you are training, don’t fly the drone more than 6 feet above the ground.

Crashing into birds and aeroplanes

Sometimes, people tend to fly the drone too high even though there are regulations prohibiting that. You will find yourself crashing into real aircrafts, other drones or being attacked by birds. Drone regulations state that you should not fly the drone above 400 feet. This regulation is similar in different countries.  For one, you risk accidents in the air or you could lose battery life and end up crashing on the ground somewhere. Always follow regulations, don’t fly at very high attitude, and check your GPS before you start the flight.

Loss of control followed by a crash

When you lose control of your drone, high chances are you will crash into someone or something especially if you are flying in a populated area. The most common cause of control loss is interference. Others include low power and propeller loss.  To be safe, don’t fly your drone near power plants or buildings that may cause interference in signals. During the flight, keep on checking for interference in the video signal.

Crashing into moving vehicles

Sometimes, you may miscalculate the height of your flight and unexpectedly crush into a moving truck or motor vehicle. This will become a big legal issue which you do not want to deal with. There will be fees charged and you may even lose your drone during the accident. Stay away from busy roads and get identification before you start flying your drone.

Crashing your drone into people or is it people cashing into you?

Human error is another common cause of crashing.  You may just be taking pictures and lose control of the drone crashing into them causing serious damage. Other times, people are frustrated about the buzzing sound and may result to attacking the drone. You can slow down the speed when flying your drone around people and ensure you don’t disturb others with your drone buzzing.